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 Works from "the inside out",  Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair is a submicron emulsion containing natural skin cell stimulants that absorb through the stratum corneum and into the epidermis without irritating the skin or causing allergic reactions.

What is Doctor Twaian Memory  Scar Repair ?

Both men and women are anxious to recapture a more youthful image, and with increasing longevity, the ravages of age become more apparent. With age, the normal renewal of skin cells becomes much less efficient, caused by a reduction in naturally-occurring hormones in the skin. This results in poor color and texture, beard rash, reduced elasticity and skin density, and ultimate wrinkling.

Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair , a dermal cell rejuvenator, helps minimize the aging process and erases time from your face by providing four important building blocks (L-thyroxine, Pregnenolone Acetate and Vitamins A & C) all of which are elements found within a healthy body and are vital to sustain the growth rate for skin renewal. It will brings back the beauty and suppleness of child-like skin.

Clinicians and doctors have used the base formula for years to promote critical new dermal cell growth. Regular use by both men and women has produced relief from deep wrinkling, scarring on burn victims, sun damage, beard rash, acne scars and age spots. Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair is now available in formula which has been improved for today's serious skin care concerns. 

How is Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair is different from other products?

Though much promoted, alpha-hydroxy acids and retinal-a products harshly peel or burn away the top two to four layers of your skin to remove wrinkles. This may have long-range damaging effects on the skin. Conventional over-the-counter skin care products that claim to hydrate the skin and diminishes wrinkles do nothing more than plump-up the skin. This is only a "quick fix" (like a crash diet) with temporary results. The skin will quickly revert back to its original condition.
The uniqueness of the Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair is that it nourishes the skin and literally stimulates new dermal cell growth from "the inside out" without harmful side effects. Sun damaged skin, age spots, beard rash, scarring and stretch marks diminish or truly disappear within a matter of weeks. 

What will Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair will do for my skin?

It works with your skin naturally from the inside out and will be your partner in developing the healthy, youthful skin you had as a child. This fragrance-free lotion helps improve and revitalize skin texture and appearance. The proof is in the way Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair. One of the key ingredients acts as a driver to carry the other active ingredients directly through the transdermal layers to the dermis. Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair then creates a reaction within the dermal system, as it forms healthy, new cells, sending them up to the skin's surface. The results are healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. But remember, lasting results take time. Depending on individual skin conditions, the process of new cell development gradually transferring to the outer stratum corneum (most outer layer) may take from four to eight weeks.

What else is unique about Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair ?

In addition to developing healthy, youthful skin, Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair offers:
Sun protection of SPF 8,contains a scientifically formulated and tested combination of fruit acid extracts and beta-hydroxy acids which gently exfoliate and normalize the skin. 

How do I use Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair? After thoroughly cleansing your skin, apply a dime-size amount of Doctor Twaian Memory Scar Repair to the palm of one hand. Apply to facial skin areas of concern with the tip of your index finger. Use upward and circular motions in order to help the lotion start to penetrate your skin. Allow 3 to 5 minutes before applying moisturizer or makeup. The product works best when used in the morning and at night. Skin should not feel moist or tacky to the touch after drying time is completed.


                  Individual results may vary    


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