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 Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxidant Treatments with 100% Active VITAMIN C            

For healthy looking skin, make sure You get 100 % pure VITAMIN C, activated only at the time of use .

A technological Innovation in terms of Vitamin C purity combining L-Ascorbic Acid and other active ingredients from biotechnology. Many formulas contains Vitamin C in the market sustain degradation such as oxidation, Vitamin C loses most of its effectiveness, to compensate the loss of Vitamin C potency caused by rapid degrading process, many companies use higher concentration of Vitamin C for the following reasons:

  • To attempt to maintain a higher percentage of active Vitamin C during the period of use.
  • To saturate the skin, thereby hoping that sufficient level of Vitamin C will penetrate the skin .

In both cases, Vitamin C will still have lost most of it's effectiveness, but MediDerm Little Miracles Vitamin C Products, use a highly effective delivery system that optimizes cutaneous absorption of active Vitamin C, this unique system :

  • Uses a form of Vitamin C which is biologically active.
  • Stimulate the microcirculation which will increase cutaneous absorption.
  • The only products that contain Active Vitamin C and other ingredients which promote to wide range of skin treatments ( such as lifting, anti-acne, pore minimizer, skin repair  ......).

The Little Miracles comes as 10 ml ampoules with Vitamin C powder stored in cap, customers can mix the powder and the concentrates just before use, if You don't want Active Vitamin C You can use the concentrate alone .

What are the benefits of Active Vitamin C ( L-Ascorbic Acid ) ? 

Essential of Collagen Synthesis, protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV radiations, pollutants, illness and many other factors.

      Little Miracles products with Vitamin C

1- Sudden Lifting  For Instant Lifting and Anti-Wrinkle.

2- Intensive Skin Repair .A repair concentrate, restore damaged skin .

3- Anti-Acne Balancing Serum Control excessive flow of sebum.

4- Oxygen Power Repair  A new high-tech concentration of active substances, positively influencing the skin’s oxygen balance. 

6- Extrait de Caviar . New in skin care technology, indulge yourself for the best.

7- ARBUTIN Skin WHITENING . A unique formula that fights skin pigmentation and promote fair looking skin.

Available as private label, excellent professional and retail products, email us for more details


Advance Skin Whitening
The latest in skin fading and lightening

Skin color is a function of the size, number and the distribution of melanin cells (not their density), more

Stretch Mark therapy
When skin is stretched excessively, stretch marks appears

Acne Treatments

Acne not only affects teenagers, but can also be seen even more frequently in 20 and 30 year olds as well




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